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Platform Independent Programmatic Video Player library

License: LGPL (license.txt)
API Docs: Can be found here
Changelog: Can be found here

Short Description:
    Simplifies calling a native video player to play video files.

Long Description:
    This provides a simple means of calling a native video player application from within your progam.  This is accomplished through the VideoPlayer class.  This is specifically optimized for cut scenes in games, but I'll be adding APIs in the future to make it more capable.

    This is a library.  You just put it in the classpath for your application and use it's classes.
    Also, this library uses MPlayer (http://www.mplayerhq.hu/) to function.  You'll have to install it and set the system property "Deimos.Media.MPlayer.Path" to the executable file.  You can do this with with the following argument to the JVM (before the -jar switch):
    Of course, you'll probably want to replace PathToMPlayer with the path to the MPlayer executable.
    Another option is to set the property in your Java code as follows:
    System.setProperty("Deimos.Media.MPlayer.Path", "PathToMPlayer");

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