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Hierarchical persistable data storage

License: LGPL (license.txt)
API Docs: Can be found here
Changelog: Can be found here

Short Description:
    The Deimos Hierarchy library allows storing hierarchical data in XML files without having to deal with the SAX or DOM APIs.

Long Description:
    Quite a while ago, I built a multi-user unix-like system in Java.  I needed some way of storing configuration data, but I was sick of using java property files (they just don't have the capabilities I needed), so I built a hierarchical data storage system for it.  I also needed some database functionality (atomic file writing) for storing passwords.  Hierarchy meets both of those needs, plus my desire to use an XML format.  It is quite generally useful, so I kept it and I now use it for configuration files, data files, etc.

    Hierarchy is a library.  You just put it in the classpath for your application and use it's classes.

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