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The Deimos Project's math library

License: LGPL (license.txt)
API Docs: Can be found here
Changelog: Can be found here

Short Description:
    The Deimos Project's math library, includes both a fast package suited for game physics and graphics, as well as a slower object-oriented package for seamless switching of numerical data types.

Long Description:
    This library is composed of two separate packages for different purposes.  The faster package (net.jinx.math) is useful for things that have to be done fast, like game physics and graphics.  It consists of four classes, Vector, Quaternion, Matrix and MathUtil.
    The slower package (net.jinx.slowmath) package fills a niche that I've never seen another library even attempt.  It treats all numerical operations on any numerical type the same by using an interface that includes those operations.  This library, while slower than using the primitive types directly, allows a huge amount of flexibility.  If the mathematical portions of a program are defined using this package, then the data types used can be easily swapped and the numbers recrunched.

    This is a library.  You just put it in the classpath for your application and use it's classes.

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