Package net.jinx.db

Interface Summary
HierarchyListener HierarchyListener objects are notified when a Hierarchy they're listening to is altered.

Class Summary
Configuration Configuration contains several utility methods for storing configuration-style data in a textual form and for converting various primitive array types into each other.
DefaultHierarchy Hierarchy implementation based on a pair of Hierarchy objects.
Hierarchy Hierarchy implementations store data in a hierarchical form, based on nodes and attributes.
HierarchyEvent HierarchyEvent objects are fired when a Hierarchy is modified.
ImmutableHierarchy Immutable Hierarchy wrapper.
LockingXMLHierarchy Extension of XMLHierarchy that creates an additional file and then locks it so that any JVM trying to access the files via the same configuration will fail.
MemoryHierarchy Extension of SimpleHierarchy that adds functional commit() and rollback() methods that store and retrieve data from an in-memory backup.
NoRemoveIterator Iterator wrapper for blocking the remove() method.
SimpleHierarchy Lightning-fast, memory resident Hierarchy implementation.
SynchronizedHierarchy Synchronized wrapper for a Hierarchy.
XMLHierarchy Lightning-fast, memory resident, persistable Hierarchy implementation.

Exception Summary
HierarchyException Thrown when an exception is thrown by a Hierarchy.