Package net.jinx.action.input.robot

Interface Summary
Control Control represents an internal variable in a Robot.
Readout Readout functions to provide feedback from a Robot to a Behavior.
RobotSystem RobotSystem

API Stability: Alpha.

Class Summary
AbstractControl Abstract implementation of Control with most parts implemented for you.
AxisControl AxisControl is an almost useless extension of AbstractControl.
ButtonControl ButtonControl is an AbstractControl extension that converts it's input values to a boolean state.

API Stability: Alpha.
Robot Robot is a Participant extension that is suitable for simulating robots and vehicles.

API Stability: Alpha.
SliderControl SliderControl is an AbstractControl extension that expects input values from zero to one, much like a throttle.
ToggleButtonControl ToggleButtonControl is an extension of ButtonControl that when pressed flip-flops back and forth from on to off and back again.