Class ActorEvent

  extended by net.jinx.action.ActorEvent
Direct Known Subclasses:
ClockEvent, ClockStateEvent

public class ActorEvent
extends java.lang.Object

This is the base class for all events that are passed between Actors. ActorEvent objects should only be mutable (changeable) until they pass through the sendEvent() methods of Actor. Until then, the return value of getSource() will be null.

Attempts to alter the event while the return value of getSource() isn't null should throw java.lang.IllegalStateException.

API Stability: Stable.

Constructor Summary
          Constructs an ActorEvent.
Method Summary
 Actor getSource()
          Provides the source Actor that this ActorEvent originated from.
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Constructor Detail


public ActorEvent()
Constructs an ActorEvent.

Method Detail


public Actor getSource()
Provides the source Actor that this ActorEvent originated from. This will initially be null. That will change once an ActorEvent has passed through the sendEvent(String, ActorEvent) method of Actor.

the source Actor. This can be null if the event has not yet been sent off from an Actor.